Elizabeth Anderson ~ L’envoi

a closer listen

L'envoiTackling William Blake, Madeline L’Engle, Mayan culture, solar winds, WWII, 9/11 and more on a single set is a daunting challenge, but somehow Elizabeth Anderson manages to pull it off.  It helps that the majority of the album is instrumental, as lyrics would threaten to undo the entire endeavor.  Instead, the listener may be led either by the liner notes or by impression, the latter choice a reflection of Anderson’s own mode of composition.  Her swaths of color operate as tone paintings, conveying mood and eschewing the didactic.

The earliest of these compositions was written twenty years ago, the latest only last year, but the album flows well as a whole.  There’s no clear line of demarcation; even the track order follows a non-linear path.  When one delves into abstraction, one manages to avoid the pitfalls of time-stamped composition.  To paraphrase, three of 1994’s top songs were by Ace of Base…

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