NTCR Interview N°3 // Maria Chavez


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Often, when I purchase records for performances my rule is that I’m not allowed to hear them prior to the performance. That way we are all on the same page.” 

Interviewing Maria Chavez // Im Interview mit der Soundkünstlerin Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez is a sound artist and abstract turntablist since 2002. She wrote the book “Of Techniques: Chance Procedures On Turntable”, which is guidance book and art object at once. It covers techniques with the turntable she adopted over the years. Maria Chavez was born in Lima, Peru and lives in Brooklyn, New York City. She regularly DJs for museums such as MoMA in NYC, for different arts organizations, various fashion houses, radio and clubs. Also, she is curator for art shows. Currently she is staying in Krems, Austria as artist in residence for Kunstmeile Krems.

On Thursday, 26th of February, Audrey Chen and Maria Chavez performing at

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