LCNL 060: Hello Chicago, 2015! (Cinchel Mix)

Interesting read about the Chicago electronic scene and how the place itself may influence the Chicago sound. Also includes Volutes music. She has been a recent discovery for Feminatronic thanks to ACL.

a closer listen

chicago as a vinyl record 3_600 cover art by Kirstie Shanley from the “Chicago as a vinyl record” series

Jason Shanley aka Cinchelgives us a tour of some of the most interesting music coming out of Chicago today, a loving documentation of a scene that continues to nurture his own creative endeavors.   This mix is extra special because EVERY TRACK is something brand NEW. And seeing as this is our SIXTIETH mix, I’d just like to say an extra thank you to all of our supporters out there.  Listeners, readers, artists, labels. We love y’all.  (Joseph Sannicandro)

Download/stream at Soundcould, listen at Mixcloud


Tell me about the mix, which I guess is another way of saying, tell me about the state of the/your scene in Chicago these days.  Chicago of course has long had a strong regional music scene. Blues, House, hip hop and all, but also post rock and experimental…

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