Natasha Barrett ~ Peat+Polymer

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You can hear more from Natasha Barrett on the 8 Tracks #13 – I Sing the Body Eclectic

a closer listen

+3dB020_frontThis one has it all: intercontinental field recordings, sledding children, vocal manipulations, soundscapes, excursions in drone.  Natasha Barrett has been called “Norway’s most prominent composer of electro-acoustic music,” and on the basis of this double disc, she’s earned it.  Peat+Polymer isn’t just a showcase for her own talents, but for the breadth of experimentalism.

Opening triptych “Hidden Values” is a tribute to three inventions: the umbrella, glasses/contact lenses, and the lock and key.  By injecting voices and instruments into the mix, Barrett demonstrates a sweet sense of playfulness.  This is history, this is philosophy, this is fun!  While soft narratives may be gleaned, it’s just as easy to sit back and bask in the variety of sound: a droplet, a cluck, a laugh, a pluck.

On “Kernel Expansion,” Barrett removes voice from the equation, finding refuge in a bevy of sounds, from birds and wooden chimes to tapped objects…

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