Isobel Ccircle~ ~ The House in the Harbour

a closer listen

Harbour ParkOnce one gets past the name of the duo, a moniker that defies spell checking, one is freed to enjoy the music: in this case, a haunted house tape based on a detective’s personal journals.  Coffin bells ring, specters glide through the house, and around every sonic corner lies a trap or at the very least, a clue.  Can the mystery be solved?  Can the detective be saved?  Was there ever a detective in the first place, or is this all part of an elaborate scheme to lure new victims inside?

One thing is clear: April Larson and Matt Bower are having great fun with this production.  With the “new” popularity of podcasts and the near-complete failure of recent horror movies to unsettle (“Woman in Black 2”, we’re talking to you), it may be time to visit the sonic world for chills and thrills.  Try reading Poe to this; the…

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