Electronic Observations: Circuits and Wires

Well worth a read and a couple of Discoveries for Feminatronic to look up soon.

a closer listen

coverGuest EO columnist Richard Allen introduces his electronic picks for early 2015: brand new albums by Canned Fit, Deison & Mingle, Marreck, Muted, Rone and Sonae, plus the year’s first great video, from Jilk and Haiku Salut.  

As hundreds of submissions have poured in over the past few weeks, the staff of A Closer Listen has been drowned in sound.  But with only nine staffers, we’ve had no way to cover them all.  This leads to our first guest column, as Richard Allen rises to the challenge laid down by Jeremy Bye.  (Thanks for the privilege!)

2014 was a pretty good year for electronic music, but 2015 looks to be a great one.  These electronic releases stand out in an extremely crowded field.

monika82_frontCologne’s Sonae has been recording since 2007, but Far away is right around the Corner (Monika Enterprise, 23 February) is her first full-length.  It’s an…

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