Kate Carr ~ Return to New Caledonia

Thanks to ACL for the insightful reviews that I have reposted. A must visit site for those wishing to broaden their listening horizons.

a closer listen

Return to New Caledonia is an EP about remembrance, even if the remembrance is skewed; flashes of insight mingled with déjà vu.  The music itself is a return, a reinterpretation of things heard on holiday: a return of the mind and the heart, a translation of the real to the impression.  Is this exactly what it sounded like to be there?  No.  Is it true to the mind’s eye?  Only Kate Carr knows for sure, but one would hazard that the answer is yes.

The field recordings and lighter sounds provide the highlights:  the reef fish (who sound somewhat like frogs and woodpeckers) on “La piscine naturelle” mix well with the trickle of water and the occasional shh-shh of a shaker.  A soft synth surfaces slowly in the background, then sinks to the depths.  A dominant drum noise is the only distraction; as the sound of least interest, it would…

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