How Rick Stein Will Remind You Why You Love Field Recording.

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Let me say first of all, I just about barely know who Rick Stein is.  A quick google search tells me he is a fairly well known celebrity chef- I didn’t check if American or British or other.  For the purpose of this post: not important.   Anyway, this gentleman here:

Rick_Stein_embraces_Indian_cuisine Photo via

So how do I get to him? Indirectly via cable tv, which generally tends to give us precisely nothing intetesting to watch.  Skipping through the hundreds of channels the other day, I come across what could have been a National Geographic documentary- except the channel is named ‘Food‘ something-or-other, and the elderly gentleman is not Attenborough.

The scene is idyllic: lush greenery everywhere as Stein himself and his local guide, a young man who is steering the boat, are quietly gliding through a mangrove forest.

Photo: Barry Skipsey, Photo: Barry Skipsey,

They are having an exchange about the endagered state of the forest, and about the…

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