10 New Year Tips for Sound Artists and Field Recordists (inspired by ‘The Painter’s Primer’)

Great advice in this article and am going to try and put some of it into action.

))) sound reflections

Many of you will be familiar with John Cage’s famous 10 Rules for Students and Teachers from 1968, which are a constant source of inspiration.  Recently I have come across a similar set of good advice through a different discipline (painting). This blog post recirculated the advice of Irwin Greenberg, a teacher at the High School of Art & Design and the Art Students League of New York who passed away in 2009 age 87.  Although we work with audio and not visual arts, I believe some of the best tips and advice can come from cross-pollination with other disciplines, and as such I dived into the long list (100!) to find a lot of advice easily applicable to any creative pursuit. Some I don’t necessarily agree with, but others are great.  The 10 I have picked and listed below are the ones that in my opinion are wonderful advice and encouragement for us sound artists…

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