MonoLogue ~ The Sea from The Trees

a closer listen

the sea from the trees

MonoLogue is just one of the many projects of Rosa Maria Sarri (Marie e le Rose), who works as a sound designer and in music and art therapy in addition to producing lovely music. It seems to me that her professional activities lend a sophistication and a sensitivity to her musical compositions.  At its best, her music remains organic and free flowing without being aimless, rooted in the particular concept of each project. We last heard from MonoLogue on Orlando, her collaboration with Con_cetta on a unique soundtrack to Virginia Woolfe’s novel of the same name.   This year has also seen the release of The Twilight Tonecassette from her Moon Ra personality, a lunar/feminine counterpoint to the sun god’s cosmic excess, a bedroom synth heavy trip of somnambulant hallucinations.  Such electronic excursions are well executed and often deeply engrossing, but Sarri’s work is most affective…

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