Kate Carr ~ Overheard in Doi Saket

a closer listen

Close up at the templeBack in February, we reviewed Kate Carr‘s sound map Lost in Doi Saket, and expressed our desire for a physical release.  Our wish has just been granted in an unusual way; Overheard in Doi Saket is presented as a sound card in a case the size as a cheese cracker, along with a booklet the size of a coin.  This isn’t what we expected, but it’s really neat.  The album feels like a secret document smuggled out of the country, and well it could have been, concealed under the tongue.

The most obvious difference between the sound map and the physical release is the ability to play it through a home stereo.  One is immediately immersed in the sounds of Thailand: a motorcycle rides between speakers while the locals converse and music plays.  Carr calls this overture “Snatches”, which seems apt; it’s a playful introduction to the aural…

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