Sonic Pieces : Interview with Monique Recknagel

Headphone Commute

monique-kyotoHi Monique… who are you, where are you, and what have you been up to lately?
Hi there, I’m a small girl running a small record label called Sonic Pieces. We are based in Berlin, Germany. This year has been pretty exciting and busy so far. I’ve been working on album releases by two lovely Norwegians, Otto A Totland and Erik K Skodvin, who are also known as Deaf Center. We also toured Japan together in April joined by Spanish artist Rauelsson whom I’ve released a record with last year. It’s been amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

So when was the first time that you got involved with music?
I had an early interest in music. When I was teenager I used to listen to the radio a lot and was compiling cassettes. I grew up in a tiny village in the middle of Germany and have…

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