Lucy Claire ~ Collaborations No. 1

Although not technically electronic there is a use of electronics and processing to create Collaborations No 1 and so have reblogged this review – beautiful.

a closer listen

coverWe were extremely impressed with Lucy Claire‘s last EP, Suite, and the follow-up EP, Collaborations No. 1, is equally impressive.  While the new EP contains two new tracks and three mixes, the variety makes the 27-minute set work well as an overall collection.

On Collaborations No. 1, the London pianist is joined not only by a string quartet, but by vocalist Alev Lenv and guitarist Bruised Skies.  The latter also contributes a remix, while other remixes come from Message to Bears and worriedaboutsatan.  These are not the acts one would expect to find among Claire’s friends, but their contributions demonstrate the breadth of her potential reach: beyond modern composition into the realms of ambient and electronic music.

The two main tracks – “Stille” and “Somnus” – are complementary opposites.  “Stille” is the more accessible track, the only overt lyric being the title.  Mournful strings are laid atop…

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