Kate Carr ~ Lost in Doi Saket

a closer listen

Thai Sound Art ResidencyLost in Doi Saket  is a unique release that can only be experienced on  Kate Carr ‘s website: a Google sound map with approximately sixty pins representing sixty Soundcloud field recordings.  Click on the pin, see a photo of the location, listen to the sound: it’s that easy.  To travel around Thailand in this fashion mimics Carr’s own experience, in which she was able to rent a scooter with little training and set off to explore the countryside.  Her 600k experience now becomes ours: familiar and disorienting all at once.

The difference, of course, is that while the home listener/viewer is provided a computer rather than a scooter, and is able to set off in a non-linear fashion.  One can choose to follow Carr (or at least to guess her route) or to click randomly.  As a travelogue, it’s far more appealing than a slide show.  In a way, it’s…

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