Echoes and Dust ~ Musical Therapy

a closer listen

Musical Therapy The connection between artistry and depression is often termed “the creative fire”.  The website Echoes and Dust has launched a brand new series on the topic, including contributions from musicians, counselors and more. We highly recommend it to our readers.

The specific connection is rather unique.  Echoes and Dust covers the harder edge of music, including post-rock and metal, but devotes a large percentage of its time to instrumental music.  In fact, the first installment of the series (“Let’s just say I wasn’t always a rock star”) comes from Hannah Morgan, the violist of The Rumour Cubes.  Her bold entry seems like a regular memoir until we encounter the words, “I tried to kill myself.”  First off, directly to Hannah, thank you for saying the words.  Part of the problem with depression is the stigma that is attached to any conversation about the subject.  Second, how wonderful it is to…

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