EVENT – Hammond Organ and the Principle of Additive Synthesis

Yorkshire Sound Women Network

Yorkshire Sound Women Network: workshop 5
1pm – 3pm on November 18th at Valley Wood Studio, Leeds

Hammond manual diagramFirst manufactured in 1935, the Hammond Organ may be thought of today as a ‘vintage’ instrument but its distinctive sound is the product of additive synthesis, the same principle behind modern-day synths and sound-shaping software.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to experience Valley Wood Studio’s vintage 1961 Hammond M100 tonewheel organ and its accompanying Leslie 145 speaker; through this iconic pairing you will discover more about additive synthesis and frequency and amplitude modulation.

Hammond keyboardYou will learn about:

• the fundamentals of sound, pitch and timbre
• the relationship between fundamental and harmonic
• how additive synthesis works
• the principles of amplitude and frequency modulation in theory and in practice.

Number of places: 8
Suitable for all levels; some knowledge would be helpful but is not necessary.

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