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REPOST – CLAIRE GUERIN – Free Download of Soundbox Orchestra

Missed this event to publicize it but the free download link is here.
Courtesy to Claire Guerin blog for this post.

Claire Guerin

Atelier Macumba
HB55 Kunstfabrik, Herzbergstrasse 55 (Eingang B)
Tram M8, 21: Herzbergstr/Siegfriedstr
18:00 PÜNKTLICH!!!!

The participants in the SoundBoxes Workshop will present an immersive, surround-sound experience inspired by the works of Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, John Grzinich, David Tudor, Gordon Monahan and others, performed in a darkened room for an eyes-closed audience. In the piece, a swarm of individual, simple sound sources such as tones and textures are modulated and moved through the space physically by the performers to create a complex sonic environment. Delicate and intimate sounds pass closely near the bodies and ears of the audience, while stronger, more extreme sounds occur at the edges of the space to give a sense of the architecture of the room and the objects in it.


And then stick around for IPAs and a chance to demo some of theMacumbista.net

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REBLOG – CLAIRE GUERIN – Podcast interview with The Salon de Bruit in Berlin

I have clicked through and it looks as if this will be very interesting with focus on the Irish Sound Art Scene. Try to catch it online after the 28th. In the meantime, there is a list of links of artists, venues and sites that are related to the episode – Well worth checking out.
Courtesy to Claire Guerin and her blog for this post and don’t forget to check the soundboxes free download above.

Claire Guerin

‘Seamus and Paul from the Salon de Bruit in Berlin invited me to join them on their monthly podcast.  They wanted to hear about sound art in Ireland from my experience to what I’ve grown up with and experienced with The Guesthouse.  Follow the link to have a listen and to see the links to some of the work I suggested in the interview too. ‘ -Claire Guerin


This will be online from the 28th of July 2015.

Salon de Bruit <-Click here to listen

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 14.16.29

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MONDAY REBLOG – World Listening Day 2015: Mendi + Keith Obadike’s “Blues Speaker [for James Baldwin]” (2015) #WLD2015

It’s Monday reblog time and here is a recent post from Sounding Out in celebration of World Listening Day 2015. I have been following the work of Mendi and Keith Obadike for some time as their art looks in detail at Race and Sound in America. I will repost the previous piece above from SO! Amplifies – recommended. Courtesy to Sounding Out for this post.

Sounding Out!

World Listening Month3For World Listening Day 2015, Sounding Out! is honored to debut Mendi + Keith Obadike’s  new documentary video about their recent large-scale urban installation at The New School’s University Center in New York City, “Blues Speaker [for James Baldwin]” (April 2015), dedicated to writer and public intellectual James Baldwin (1924-1987). –JS

As Mendi + Keith describe, “For Baldwin sound, music, and the blues in particular were sources of inspiration. The multichannel sound art work meditates on a politics of listening found at the intersection of Baldwinʼs language and the sound worlds invoked in his work. It uses the glass façade of The New School’s University Center as delivery system for the sound, turning the building itself into a speaker. The 12-hour piece is created using slow moving harmonies, melodicized language from Baldwinʼs writings, ambient recordings from the streets of Harlem, and an inventory of sounds contained in Baldwin’s story…

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Sonic Terrain

As the site states –

“Sonic Terrain is dedicated to explore the reality of sound, encouraging to not just hearing it, but to listening to it (and recording it) for reflection, relaxation, art, science, etc, valuing sound as a fundamental element that is practiced and studied by an incredibly wide array of professions: laypeople, sound designers, multi-media artists, philosophers, musicians, scientists, researchers, ecology conservationists, educators and many more. That’s why Sonic Terrain aims to offer a place for those disciplines to be cross-pollinated in order to expose everyone to aspects of sound, recording and reality they may not have considered yet.”

A huge resource for all things sound and here are a couple of tasters:

Christine Sun Kim on SonicTerrain

Cheryl Leonard

Polar Explorations: An Exclusive Interview with Cheryl Leonard


This is a real gem and a great introduction and personal view, based on 45 years of experience on Field Recording practice. It also seems that there are crossover difficulties experienced that I have had in creating music such as data storage and recording failures. I recommend that you do listen through headphones as the field recordings really come to life.

Due to restrictions just click on the link below to watch on Vimeo.

I’m glad I did.