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It all started with the Women in Electronic Music Last.FM group in 2008. A couple of years later we expanded to a FACEBOOK  page, and now we’re a blog! Hopefully we can add something a little extra to WEM at Her Beats, though posts will continue to cross over (more or less) between platforms.

Feminist Music Geek Presents … Spectrum

Feminist Music Geek

Leo Villareal - Big Bang

I returned to college radio late last month with my own show. Feminist Music Geek Presents… is currently in its third week. It honors women’s historical and contemporary musical contributions across genre. However, while I hope people are tuning in to WSUM on Friday nights at 9 p.m. to listen to the program, I wanted to give listeners the ability to stream my playlists afterwards. Here’s “Spectrum,” the first episode of FMG Presents… I’ll post a new episode each week.

Three things to note.

1. Each show focuses on a particular theme, which I explain at the beginning of the episode. Themes provide a useful organizational framework and allow me to put recording artists in dialogue with each other in a new context.

2. I’ll be excising WSUM-specific content (i.e., PSAs and underwriting) from the episodes, because community radio and digital streaming sites serve different entities.

3. As…

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In the Garden of Sonic Delights

a closer listen

Sonic DelightsArriving on the heels of last year’s Soundings exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art is In the Garden of Sonic Delights, a new sound art exhibition located in Westchester County, New York.  Richard Allen reports on the opening day festivities.

Soundings was a huge step forward for the sound art community, as it was MoMA’s first exhibition of the kind.  This was a major coup for a wide field worthy of wider recognition.  But the central setting of Sonic Delights – the stunningly beautiful grounds of the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts in Katonah, New York (30 miles north of NYC) make an even greater impression.  In Manhattan, one is surrounded by activity, and MoMA is a busy place; but to walk through fields and pavilions, surrounded by birds and bees and nary a car is to experience impressions of nature embedded in nature.


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Into the Woods: A Brief History of Wood Paneling on Synthesizers*

A very interesting article from Tara Rodgers

Sounding Out!

*a companion piece of this research, on electronic sounds as lively individuals, is forthcoming in the American Quarterly special issue on sound, September 2011.

Not long ago, while researching the history of synthesized sound—or taking a break to troll for interesting synthesizers for sale online (activities that, for me, inevitably blend together)—I came across a thriving industry of small companies that offer custom-made wood panels to adorn the sides of old and new synths, like Synthwood, Custom Synths, Analogics, and MPCStuff.

As Trevor Pinch and Frank Trocco note in Analog Days, their history of Moog synthesizers, an “analog revival” is underway: “Today in the digital world, there is a longing to get back to what was lost” (9). The music technology magazine Sound on Sound concurs, documenting a renewed interest among electronic music-makers in modular synthesizers like those popularized by Moog and others in the…

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Celebrating the eclecticism of Electronic Artists who identify as female

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