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I am an electronic musician who, as someone recently said to me, set up Feminatronic to act as "soft PR" for female electronic artists from all genres and styles. If I can give a little helping hand then why not?

‘There’s these noises in my head, they just do not let me in peace’

Resonance - European sound art network

From August 12th until September 11th, Kunsthaus Meinblau in Berlin shows A Long Day, an installation developed by Latvian artist Evelina Deicmane during a project residency for the Resonance project. Earlier this year, while I was in Berlin performing and recording with the Dutch-French electroacoustic alliance Diktat, I met Evelina at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in the Kottbusser Straße. There she had just finished another Berlin residency, which also had given rise to an installation, then at view at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Exhibition space: Burt Nieks (The flying lake looked down upon the village).

‘Burt’ means to bewitch, or to enchant. And ‘nieks’ stands for easy, effortless. It is a split up into two parts of Burtnieks, the name of a lake near the Latvian village where, in 1978, Evelina Deicmane was born, and which plays an important role in Latvian mythology and folklore. Like Burt Nieks

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Playing with Bits, Pieces, and Lightning Bolts: An Interview with Sound Artist Andrea Parkins

Sounding Out!

Sound and PlayEditor’s Note:  Welcome to Sounding Out!‘s fall series titled “Sound and Play,” where we ask how sound studies, as a discipline, can help us to think through several canonical perspectives on play. While Johan Huizinga had once argued that play is the primeval foundation from which all culture has sprung, it is important to ask where sound fits into this construction of culture; does it too have the potential to liberate or re-entrench our social worlds? SO!’s regular contributor Maile Colbert interviews sound artist Andrea Parkins and gets her to talk about her creative process, and the experience of playing with sound, composition, and instruments.–AT

In 2003, working towards my graduate degree in Integrated Media at California Institute for the Arts, I met and worked with a visiting artist by the name of Andrea Parkins, with whom I became a friend and colleague. Although I’ve been familiar with…

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Sounding Out! Podcast #34: Sonia Li’s “Whale”

Sounding Out!




Reflecting on Whale, an interactive, multichannel sound installation, this sound art piece documents how the installation came about. When designing Whale, Sonia Li used sound to communicate the often visceral emotions underlying her personal narrative.

Whale creates an environment where one experiences oneself. By laying in darkness on a subsonic vibrating bed, users openly confess their thoughts and feelings into a sonic field, which then translates their words into correlating amplitudes of whale sounds. This process of transduction prompts listeners to consider how sound works to shape a perception of themselves as they hear a distant and alien rendering of their own voice. By experiencing Whale we can consider how sound challenges our physiological and psychological perceptions of self.

Sonia Li is a Brooklyn based…

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music tech fest



The festival takes place on the weekend of September 5 to 7 at the LSO St Luke’s – the home of the London Symphony Orchestra on Old Street – right in the heart of Tech City.

Music Tech Fest is the global “festival of music ideas”. From beatboxing to orchestral innovation, geek punk to sonic arts, the festival is a public showcase of the latest sounds, ideas, experiments, instruments, technologies and performance designs. International musicians, tech companies, labels, hackers and innovators gather for a weekend of hands-on creativity – performing, celebrating and inventing the future of music

As a “festival of music ideas” it brings together artists and performers, academics and thinkers, startups and labels, inventors and innovators. From the latest research to incredible performances by fantastic artists such as Jason Singh, Coldcut, Shlomo, Lossy, Fiona Soe Paing and Eduardo Miranda’s Brainwave Quartet.

It’s a celebration of the future of music – and it’s where the future of music is being invented.

More information to be found on the BARBICAN WEBSITE