REBLOG – In Spirit of Her – Soli Tii & Crystal DJ Kwe Favel Sound Art Collaboration

Says everything itself – just read and listen 🙂

Crystal DJ Kwe Favel

Soli Tari – I am posting this special edition track to WWP because this track has the wonderful voice of my audio sista Crystal DjKwe Favel along with my vocals brought together to celebrate the growth of WWP. Please have a listen because this is really what the World Women Project is about.

This is a special collaboration track with the voice of Crystal djkwe Favel together with me as we reflect on our relationships with our mothers and celebrate the development of the World Women Project

First part of track with words from Crystal:

“In spirit of Her, the voice of reassuring Darlings.

This project grows and flows with the power of Her love.

As Women, we draw from that bloodline, to create musical memories.

In spirit of Her, the voice of our Mothers.

When we were born, the drum beat like no other because our story will become…

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