Strië ~ Struktura

Courtesy of A Closer Listen who pointed me towards this artists’ work.

a closer listen

ProunThe third album from the enigmatic Strië (Iden Reinhart) is a lesson in abstraction: an impressionistic set inspired by abstract art, swaths of sound built upon whispers.  On this album, Reinhart travels farther down the path she set out upon in Sléptis and fine-tuned in Õhtul.  Signposts are still present: a series of beats here, an intense crackle there.  And yet, the artist known for her public shyness (despite orchestra tours, only a half-photo seems to exist) continues to disappear, dragging her instruments slowly into the void.  The beauty of the set is its chimeric nature; the songs shimmer and shift beneath the ear.  The danger is that Strië seems intent on becoming an abstraction herself: a smudged memory, an elusive impression, a series of images scattered in the sun.  We fear that one day the artist will fade like fog, molecules made invisible by the heat, leaving only a faint…

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